AMU108 Ivories, Piano Moods Vol. 2
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Romantic and heartwarming piano sets the mood as Mark Stephen Ross transports the listener to the sentimental embrace of the family or summons moonlight and quaint bistros where the piano man seems to know your secret feelings. Make a rendezvous with Amusicom's gentle dreamer in this two CD set (AMC 107).
102:56FULLSensuous, sophisticated, supper club music, solo piano
202:07FULL50ish romantic solo piano in classic B&W movies
302:06FULLSappy and emotional, solo piano
402:07FULLSobering and somber ballad, solo piano
502:03FULLRomantic memories, compassionate, solo piano
602:25FULLUrban, jazzy, and romantic, solo piano
702:02FULLBaroque-style classical, solo piano
802:12FULLDelicate, romantic and tender waltz, solo piano
902:04FULLMoody romanticism, 3/4 ballad, solo piano
1002:22FULLLonging, remembrance, solo piano
1102:00FULLSad, reflective, longing, solo piano
1202:03FULLLight, hopeful, spiritually uplifting, solo piano.